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maybe i got lucky but it seems like most people have to wait for their scions. i bought mine right off the lot here in metairie, la. it had 153 miles, and some scratches on the side above the window in the paint, and along the front and rear passanger windows. i didnt notice the scratches till the next day (it was evening when i bought the car and i didnt give it the fine tooth comb inspection like i should have).. but my salesperson and the dealership were more than happy to take it back and completly replace both windows. and its at the dealer now getting those light scratches in the metal buffed out and touched up with paint. also i hadnt noticed that i paid for mats and i let my salesguy know, and he said no problem. so 7 days, 300 miles, no problems yet..

they dont seem to have many scions around here. i see some of the box ones every now and then, and every week or so i might see a tc.

im a little concerned with what seems to be an inevitable damnation to a universe of unfixable rattles. is the rattle thing REALLY that big a deal? im trying to figure out what is the actual percent of tc owners that have a noticable rattle

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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