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Waiting For The Scion TC ?

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Hello everyone. I just recently bought a Scion TC in Flint Mica on Sunday the 16th. The dealership, Symes Scion of Pasadena (California), told me the car was currently ground status and would arrive Tuesday. I went ahead and bought the car and filled out all the paperwork. Well Tuesday comes around and no car and from that day it turned into a " oh, it should be here tomorrow" and today is Saturday. I went ahead complained for a long time and they ended giving me a free rent a car, Pontiac G6. Thats great and all but I want the car I purchased. I need to get to work and school and the only reason I bought from them was the fact that they said it would be here Tuesday. I called Northridge Scion and talked to the manager to see if they had the car so I could cancel my contract with Pasadena and buy from them. The moment the manager found out I was buying from Pasadena they went ahead and told me that they knew Pasadena and that they wouldn't screw me in my deal and so on. They calmed me down and told me my VIN number without me telling them and told me the car would most likely be there Monday. When I purchased the car from Pasadena the MSRP was 17600.00 so I asked what was added that I am being charged 85.00 more. They could not tell me what it was. Too excited in buying a new car and thinking it was to arrive a day later I went ahead and just bought the car. The manager in Northidge was the one who told me the extra was the floor mats. I called Scion and left a bad review for Pasadena for making promises they cant live up to. I also remember reading something on this site about someone having a accident and being so impressed with the safety of the car that they went ahead and purchased another one. I told them about that and they took the websites name and said they like hearing about things like that. My two questions to ask are 1) How long did some of you wait when you were told the car was ground status ? The port it lands here is Long Beach which is a 30 min drive to Pasadena, 2) Does anyone know if the SRS Side and Curtain airbags can be added on to the car after purchase like if it where an accessory since thats what its considered ? Well, don't buy from Pasadena if you want a Scion and I am looking forward to meeting other TC owners here and learning from you guys on parts and accessorys for the car. Bye.
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1.) You should never sign the papers unless the car is on the lot. Doesn't matter now but for the future.

2.) Read this topic and this one too to see other members' wait times. I found those by doing a search, something you should always do before posting a new topic.

3.) You cannot add the SRS Airbags after purchasing the vehicle. These are factory installed only.

4.) Welcome to the site.
Number Four Times Two.
85 for floor mats? that hardly seems possible, the only floormat set is 145 bucks. base price + floor mats should have been 17660. there is no scion accessory i know of that costs 85 bucks. you sure your sticker didnt say 17660?

and welcome to the site.

btw, i dont think pasadena did anything wrong. or, if they did, it is not clearly outlined in your post. the fact that they are dumb and couldnt tell you why the car cost what it did just shows they are dumb, but they didnt take advantage of you. my perspective may be a little skewed, though.
I order mine Sept 26th with $500 deposit (not cashed until I buy) in Texas, today I found out it will hit ground on November 18th and will be in the dealership Nov 22nd. So I will have waited 2 months before getting my car.
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Oct 22 2005, 05:34 PM
85 for floor mats? that hardly seems possible, the only floormat set is 145 bucks.
maybe non-scion mats. aftermarket. marked up 400%
Thanks for the welcome. I have only signed paperwork to claim the vehicle and the dealership will process the paperwork once the car arrives. They do this to basically secure a deal so no one else can purhcase the car. I think Pasadena made the mistake in giving me a date the car would be ready and every other dealership has told me that they should have never gave me a certain date. And the other dealership in Northridge told me that was lucky the car was wold to me at 17600.00 and said they might have screwed up and saved you 60 bucks. All the dealer had to tell me was not sure when the car will be in but we will give you call when it does. That would have been much better then telling me a date and having the car not show up and everytime i would call they would say oh it will be here tomorrow for the next 5 days. Its not like im purchasing a 20.00 dollar #### from online and its supposed to be 2-3 business days and i get extremely anger cause it arrived 3 days after. Anyway, basically I just wanted to see what ya'll thought about it and how long the wait time was when the car was on the ground already not from time of purcahse.
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as a dealer myself, i can assure you that if someone gives you a date of arrival for your car, it wont always come true, and despite the consumer thought that its all our fault, it isnt. we cant make the cars arrive any faster than they do. i told all my pre-order clients for this month that their cars would be in between the 15th and 20th. every car came in. except one xB. and i cant figure out why it didnt come with the rest. but i assure you, it is way beyond my control as a dealer. the proximity of pasadena to long beach means nothing. cars go through a process, and it cannot be sped up. you think you are being dicked with by them? check our threads on the wait time for cars. try a 17 week wait. its the nature of the beast when dealing with special order vehicles, and the tC is one right now.
Yeah, I understand its out of the dealers hands when it comes to deliever. I just think the dealer shouldnt garauntee a certain day when they cant. Every other dealer told me that they could not tell me a date the car would arrrive but for some reason Pasadena felt like they knew exactly when it was coming. Only reason I ended up buying from them cause I had no vehicle to get to work or school and them telling me that the car would be there Tuesday was perfect. I just think there mistake was giving me a certain date saying it will here that day. Thats the part I am frustrated about. Now im getting told it will arrive 95 percent on Monday. We'll see. I just cant wait to drive the damn car off the lot, its been 8 months I havent had a car since my last diasters crash on the freeway that I managed to walk away from. Came close to death twice that night. ####### hit me and ran.
Thanks ... Im hoping tomorrow is the day.
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Just curious ..... does anyone know if the SRS Side and Curtain airbags can be added to the vehicle after purchase since its considered a accesorry ?
No, it's a factory install.
I already answered that, yeesh.
Originally posted by dubya
in my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda.
I finally picked up my Flint Mica tC from Wondries Toyota in Alhambra this Saturday. I ordered it on the 1st, so total time to pickup was 21 days.
1st post..

maybe i got lucky but it seems like most people have to wait for their scions. i bought mine right off the lot here in metairie, la. it had 153 miles, and some scratches on the side above the window in the paint, and along the front and rear passanger windows. i didnt notice the scratches till the next day (it was evening when i bought the car and i didnt give it the fine tooth comb inspection like i should have).. but my salesperson and the dealership were more than happy to take it back and completly replace both windows. and its at the dealer now getting those light scratches in the metal buffed out and touched up with paint. also i hadnt noticed that i paid for mats and i let my salesguy know, and he said no problem. so 7 days, 300 miles, no problems yet..

they dont seem to have many scions around here. i see some of the box ones every now and then, and every week or so i might see a tc.

im a little concerned with what seems to be an inevitable damnation to a universe of unfixable rattles. is the rattle thing REALLY that big a deal? im trying to figure out what is the actual percent of tc owners that have a noticable rattle

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