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waiting for my scion

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I know from reading the forums that the dealer telling me it will be 6-8 weeks for my Manual AP with SAB is normal. What I would like to know is how many people waited that long? If you didnt, is that because you decided you couldnt stand it and compromised on color choice, transmission, and/or SAB? Its only been 3 weeks and I am dying here!
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AP/SAB/5-speed is about as picky as it gets...
Originally posted by zoltiz@Apr 26 2005, 07:14 AM
AP/SAB/5-speed is about as picky as it gets...
I know. I am not quite ready to compromise...yet.
It's worth the wait. Just take up a hobby in the interim.

Babies take nine months!
Thanks for the encouragement! Sadly, I just did the math and it hasnt even been 3 weeks - just 17 days...and counting!
SSM/SAB/5-spd, waited 3.5mos for mine.

Get used to the wait =/
I'm still waiting for mine, comes in next week. I have waited 3 weeks for my black cherry manual to come in. Now that I know it comes in next week, I'm even more anxious. It will be worth it though.
I waited about 3 hours. I bought the first one my dealership had gotten in. Then had only had it a couple of days trying to show it off and gain interest in the car. I was the first one there the first day it offically up for sale and I drove off with it that afternoon. When I was signing the paperwork several other people tried to purchase it. But the dealers kept saying sorry that girl just bought it.
Hey Jemanchi, I feel your pain, I'm on day 24 of waiting. The dealer told me 4 to 6 weeks so its almost coming up on the 4th week.

What really sucks is that a week after I ordered my tC, my mom ordered an xB for my bro and the dealer gave him an 8 week wait and guess what, hes getting his tomorrow. Apparently some guys credit fell through so my bro was next on the list, so they are installing all the options my bro wanted and it'll be ready tomorrow. But I'm waiting patiently
Babies take nine months![/b]
ha ah thats great, and such a good i love it, i only waited 10 days, damn lucky for me....
An 8 week wait for an xB? You're kidding, right? Every scion lot around here has tons of them.
i think i waited over 8 weeks, but that was because of my stupid dealer. i went to another one and they had the same kind of tc that i had been waiting for within 2 weeks
I waited 7 days for my IIP/Auto
5 weeks for my 5-speed FM with SAB and bumper protector. Hang in there...
4 weeks because I wanted a 5 speed RS 1.0 with ground effects. Just picked it up last night and it's so much better than I expected.
waited 2 months, so don't feel so bad about the wait. The reward is much worth the wait, I promise.
I actually did not wait, but I kept calling dealers in North Georgia till I found the car I wanted. Took about 3 weeks, but I got the color/tranny/options(none) I wanted.
1st flint mica 5 speed off the truck.
I guess it all depends on your area. There are 2 dealers here and when I went to go test drive a tC one dealer had one but couldnt be driven cuz it already belonged to someone (lucky bastard!) and the other dealer had a demo and one for sell. It wasnt the color I wanted so I had to order it.

As for the 8 week wait on an xb, I dont know my bro didnt have to wait the 8 weeks. I guess he (the dealer) over quoted the time frame?
I was told 4-6 weeks, ended up being 9 weeks.
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