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go here for all the pictures so far... sorry for the blurriness... it happens if you don't have a tripod and you slow the shutter speed and no flash. I just wanted to make sure you all see what it looks like as close as real life as you can get!

I noticed that if you have your lights on during the daylight that the dash lights up the numbers white enough to see better!!!! major plus!!! i hated that the gross amber LEDs made it hard to see the readouts.... NOW THAT PROBLEM HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. It is really cool effect to actually SEE the readouts in white during the day!!!

If any of you are considering doing this mod, leave it to a professional that KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. I strongly suggest you let djaaronp to do this mod for you! Send in the boards and the LEDs and his amazing skills will supply you with happiness that can not be measured!!! I don't get anything from these props to/for him.... I just praise the work that should be bragged about!

Now that they are SUPER WHITE LEDs IT LOOKS LIKE WHAT MY AUDI DID in the dash... The center console is red in the audi though... But I like it SUPER WHITE. I might send it back to you djaaronp to make them blue to match my underlighting hehe....

HE IS WORTH THE 100 DOLLARS I PAID HIM TO DO THIS MOD. He humblingly was going to do this for almost nothing, but that is just not right for the talent of doing such a professional job! Nothing in life is for free.

ANYBODY THAT SAYS THEY WILL DO THIS MOD FOR FREE I QUESTION THEIR ABILITIES. djaaronp stood up with his skills and has the professional equipment to do the job. I know some of you have amazing skills and can do this with a cheap radio shack iron etc. But I'd rather trust something like this project to a professional that has the clean space and the right equipment AND the talent to do it right the first time!

I checked out the sauders and man.. let me tell you something... THEY LOOK OEM.

Just had to do a plug for djaaronp fellas. He did an amazing job!!!!!!

his email is:

[email protected]

Tell him that motozen sent ya!!!

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Dang that looks so sick. I wouldn't mind having mine changed to blue to match also.
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