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VVT-I controller

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Is there anything out there that can controll the VVT-I besides the camcon? Would a Greddy E-Manage work or an Apexi AFC work with the VVT-I.
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VVT-I is not like V-TEC. I don't know that it can be changed much. Do a search, there have been a bunch of threads about what units are avaliable.
Don't get me wrong I've only had my tc for a few days and don't know much about the engine...yet, but I was a big honda tuner that had a vtec controller on my del sol (b18c). What I'm trying to get at is, I don't think the tc has a lift component in the cam (larger profile cam lobes). Unlike the Celica GTS and Corolla XRS, which have VVTL-I, the tc is only VVT-I. All the controller ever did was change the rpm at which the lift kicked in. Mabey you meant something diffrent when you asked your question.
look over on scionlife, a few people have them there already and they like it, i dont know much about it though, sorry
^^ got any links for this?
Do a search on for camcon.... You'll find lots.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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