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well, it is in the wrong forum. and really, if you post in any forum online, you are going to get opinions. you may not like them. it really doesnt matter. welcome to the internet.
sorry you feel you got duped by scion. i would fair to say that you duped yourself.
you asked viva "Do you not know anything about car audio??"
um, you are the guy who bought a Bazooka product. where is your leg to stand on? not now, not ever, has anyone who knows about car audio suggested running a 100watt Bazooka sub for good audio performance.
as for sarcasm, its like an opinion, you are going to get it on the internet.
last but not least - since you are a car audio whiz and not a forum whiz, i will move this for you to the correct forum. the one that says "audio" in the title.
sorry, more sarcasm.
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