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Voiding the Warrany

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Hello. I'm new to the site. Just got my Flint Mica about a week ago. I was wondering what kinda upgrades would void my warranty, and whether it's worth it to do them anyway. I was thinking about doing headers, CAI, and maybe an exhaust that would be a little quieter than the TRD (No offense to those who have it, but I just don't want it to be too noticable).

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as long as the parts you install cannot be determined to be the cause of a warrantied part failing, you are fine. none of the mods you listed will void a factory warranty with us at scion.

edit : sorry, how rude of me. welcome to the site, and congrats on your ride.
are you positive on this? if i install intake exhaust headers and roll up to the dealer for an oil change they wont say...hey look at this exhaust its not from loose your warranty..?
Dealer won't say that.

Well, they might say that, but they would be hard-pressed to inforce the voiding of your warranty.
Here, check this link out

That's the whole..warranty thing of how the dealers need to prove that the modifications had a link to the failure of whatever
If you install aftermarket headers and you take your car to the dealer to have them figure out why your Check Engine light is on, good luck getting them to do anything on that under warranty.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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