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Viniati spoiler painted!

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Here are the Anticipated looks at the spoiler. visit Viniaticustomz for more information and photos!
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What? Only one picture? Where's the rear shot.
LoL...otherwise looks nice, too bad I already have a lip spoiler.
There's more pics on the site.
hey!!!! thats my shop!

thanks to chris from viniati for the hard work on getting that spoiler ready to go to production. minus a few minor fitment issues, it is ready to rock. and as i said before, no other spoiler i have seen for the tC fits the car as well as this does. i have no doubt i will be stocking these in my parts dept. and adding it to my ride, as well as his kit as soon as it is finished.
props, chris. very well designed.
Not bad, but I still think I like the Scion lip spoiler better.
Oh, yea D..I got the legs fixed up! and the fit is ships tomorrow! cant wait to get it goin!
Sorry, but I still don't dig it. Also, you really need to do something about that website.
Originally posted by Genuine58@Jan 10 2005, 09:43 AM
Whats up? Whats wrong with the site?
It's terrible
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Seriously though, it's frustrating trying to find anything on that page
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yeah, it could use a little sprucing.
I kno, i'm trying to figure out what i can do...feel free to help or give suggs!
My site suggestions:

*The flash animation at the top is great, but the rest of the site doesn't flow with it.
*There's no need to search google from your site. Ditch the google search.
*I don't understand the reason for the advertisment in the middle of the main page. Are you soliciting cars for sponsorship or are you redirecting people to them for sponsorship.
*Your images should either have borders or not. Preferably not.
*Use CSS to make the fonts in the page match the fonts in the flash menus at the top.
*Get rid of some of the "target=" tags on links. People prefer to use their back buttons when they're navigating a single site.
*The table borders are a bit much. A single line border will clean things up nicely.
*Make the navigation consistent across all the pages, the flash animation if used properly would be perfect.
*It would be wise for you to use some sort of content management system (CMS) if you're having trouble with the HTML itself.
*Set up an actual image gallery script so you can worry about posting pics and not worry about editing HTML files.

Try to focus on the product that you're promoting. As it is, many are confused by the contents of the main page. If the primary focus of the company is to provide custom fabrications, lots of images will be your best way to promote a product if people can't feel/smell/touch the product in person.

All of my suggestions can be accomplished at little or no cost so spending a bazillion bucks isn't necessary to make things flow more smoothly. All you have to do is have the web server actually do some work.

Email me or PM me if you need help with any of these. I'll happily point you in the right direction.

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cool thanks, i will def. pm u. i'm talking to the dude that is running my site tomorrow, i got to print this out...oh, did i say thanks (this guy is a good friend and he is a noob)!
by the way should i just do the site in flash? or is flash still con sidered too new?
I wouldn't say flash is too new, flash is great. However, it has its purpose. If you plan on making lots of changes to the site, using flash can be quite cumbersome without a team of flash developers at your disposal. Personally I wouldn't attempt to build an entire site in flash.

For navigation, its awesome. It can help you build exactly what you want regardless of the browser the visitor is using.

A couple other notes:
What I generally tell people building a site is to come up with some examples of elements on other sites and try to use the same technology to build what you want.

If you want a place to post news, you should have a dedicated place to put it. If you want to post images, they need a dedicated place as well. The layout and structure should be intuitive to the visitor. Discussion forums are helpful for answering questions that are asked over and over, as well as bringing visitors back on a regular basis.

Using as an example:

*The navigation at the top and bottom of every page is consistent across the site.
*Advertisments are at the top and bottom of the page. They don't break up the content
*The only links that open a new page are the ones that take the visitor away from the site.

These are simple elements that make a website easy for visitors to understand. Try to build a template that works for every page and allows you to fill the middle with your content while keeping the top and bottom navigation consistent across the entire site.

Eric has opted to use a CMS for this site that uses a programming language, database, and templates to manage the site layout so he only has to worry about filling in the 'guts' of the pages. That isn't to say that he can't develop in html, its just a whole lot easier to build the html once and concentrate on content rather than presentation.
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I'd say leave the flash out...your page will look more professional.
^^^ i agree with that.
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