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Upfiring 15" Subwoofer in the TC

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I own a 2006 Scion TC which is a hatchback as the trunk is not sealed off at all, it's just behind the rear seats.

Now, I ordered a stereo integrity 15" Mag that needs around 3.0 cubes for sealed, and 3.5 for ported according to stereo integrity. The sub will be powered by a directed audio 1100.d which puts out about 1200wRMS at 1ohm.

The only real way I could pull this off and still have trunk space is by having the speaker fire upwards, into the top of the hatch glass.

How would this sound in my car compared to the same sub firing towards the driver's seat or the rear of the trunk?

Also, in real world terms, how much louder is a ported enclosure tuned properly going to be when compared to a sealed enclsosure.
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Ok well first off soundguy50 has upward firing subs and they sound fine for him I believe. It should sound ok but I prefer the rear firing against the hatch.

Secondly, ported enclosures are loud, but I prefer sealed to ported because sealed enclosures are going to provide accurate bass response better than ported enclosures.
i had my first set of subs facing upward and they sounded just fine. although i've heard that the ideal setup in a hatch is to have the sub facing to the rear.
The bass actually comes from the rear of the magnet, that is why you have the woofers facing the rear. It will sound fine firing up, just not be quite as loud as facing the rear. I would suggest a 12 instead of a 15 just because you will be able to play a larger variety of music, as 15s cannot keep up with double bass, as found in many rock songs.

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