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Updated Pics

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The first two pics are from xmas when i got a new digital camera, the other one is from Halloween that i never posted. Enjoy

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Oh good... you finally got rid of that dealer sticker
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I never really cared for white cars until I saw a superwhite tC... nice ride.
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Your SW is sleeeeek!
Very nice.... Is it me or do your taillights look different in the 3rd pic??
It's the light reflection/shading.
I thought she may have redded them out or did an overlay on them to change the red.. Car still looks nice
it looks too much like my car :/

I need someone to take off the dealer emblem off my car, it gets hard to clean out between the letterings

and I think SW is only pretty when its CLEAN, which yours is
I forget like half the time to let the car sit after glossing them and end up getting splatters across the side fenders :/
Donna - peel it off with your fingernails... then use Goo Gone to remove the stickiness.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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