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Well, as some of you know I got my first speeding ticket while driving my brand new tC in the state of Utah where I just moved there. They mailed me the fine $92. I had two options, pay or go to court. Well I decided to fight it, and called the court. They told me to come by between so and so time and speak to the Hearing Officer. So I went there. I ask for the Hearing Officer, the clerk told me he's out. I was like "what?! I came for nothing." She then said she could possibly help me. So I told her the situation - I just moved here and not aware of the speed limits yet, so don't think it warrants a ticket. Then she looked at my ticket and notice I was speeding 9 miles over the limit, and she said "um.. yea the cops here are pretty strict aren't they." She then told me I had two options: 1) Set a court date and fight the ticket before a judge or 2) pay this fine and we'll dismiss the charge after 90 days. Then I told her "you mean I have to take another day off from work to fight this ticket which would cost me more money in the end?" So I chose option two. Pay them and they will dismiss it. So basically all they want is my money.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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