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Hey y'all, it's been a little over a year since my last post on here.. thought I would give a little update not that anyone really cares lmao. I'm 20 now and have done pretty much only cosmetics since my last post.

Here's the list: replaced damaged front left fender, bought black scion emblems, debadged, 15% tint all around, 35% tint on windshield, rain guards, stumpy antenna, rear tow hook, front tow strap, wheels, tires, coilovers, paint matched duckbill, spec-d taillights, vinyl eyelids and banner, diamond shift knob, shift knob and ebrake boots, tsurikawa, interior and exterior underglow, muffler delete, led bulb replacements in headlights and plate lights, painted calipers.

Here's what's next: rear window spoiler, front lip, new exhaust and ecu setup, halos, cold air intake, rs7 grille, nrg steering wheel setup, rear diffuser, new rotors, diamond stitched floor mats, subs and maybe wrap some interior trim pieces.

Possible: Racing seats and harnesses, turbo, widebody, bags.

Pretty proud of where she has come in a year considering I bought her damaged. I also don't really get into specifics because I have a few copycats which hurts cause I have put a lot of thought and work into this car to make it my own. I have also become a Fitment Industries ambassador so hit me up for that custom link lmaooo. Anyways, if you enjoy the build and wanna continue to watch it, feel free to follow me on instagram @tc.morgann. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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