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Type R components

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Did a search and didn't find anything ... does anyone have these installed/do they fit? The magnet looks too big to me. Thanks.
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If you're talking about the Alpine Type-R 6.5" component speakers, there's stuff about that all over the site, and yes, they do fit.
I've got the SPR-17LS in the doors of my tC. They fit just fine. You will need to build or buy some adapter plates. The stock plates are actually part of the speaker. I'll have a couple of sets ready to ship next week, both front and rear plates for 6 1/2" speakers. PM me if your interested.
Might start yourself a thrifty moonlighting venture here ^^^^
I thought that you couldn't sell anything direct. Perhaps that's just speakers and head units and the like, though...
He is talking about mounting adapters, hand made, and sealed with love
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I cannot sell Alpine products because it would be a conflict of interest, but I can sell these products being that it is not a category or type of product that Alpine sells.

I'll be fabricating these adapters and selling them to you guys for $25-30/pair including shipping. They are made from MDF and will be painted black. The fronts are a 1" spacer for 6 1/2" speakers. The rears will come in a 3/4" spacer for 6 1/2" or 5 1/4"speakers. So please PM me if you're interested.

I will also be offering the "Add-N-Amp" harness similar to the one offered on eBay, but more reasonably priced. More details to come.

I'm not doing this to get rich. I simply see the lack of these specific products for the tC and am willing to offer them to the members of this site for a reasonable price, making it a little easier for those DIYers out there to upgrade the audio system in their tCs.
I'm curious if the adapters will fit any 6.5 speakers or just Type-R? I am very interested in the adapters and the add-an-amp adapter, however I am getting FOCAL speakers.
I can't speak for Alpman, but I would suggest checking out the mounting diameter of your speakers compared with the Alpines.
They should fit most oversized or "true" 6 1/2" or 17cm speakers with no modification. Smaller 16cm speakers will fit as well, but may have a very slight gap around the basket, easily sealed up with some foam tape.
The speaker kits and Add-N-Amp harnesses are now available here:

The information has been pinned to the top of the page in the AVS forum.
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