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TYC Tail lights

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These pics were apparently taken at the Autorama show by Surburban Scion in MI and posted on SL... The bottom white part lights up red in case you were wondering...

I'll stick w/ stock, thanks...
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How disappointing....
Nothing you can't fix with a little bit of red transparent vinyl...
That might sound a little weird, but they kinda look like the Camry tail lights to me...
maybe it's the beer talking... but i don't think they're that bad. get rid of the yellow upper portion... and ya, they do look a little camry like.

EDIT: ok... the beer has worn off - those are pretty damn haynus
Maybe they're playing a bad joke.
Those are HORRIBLE. It has nothing to do with the colors -- it has to do with the little bubbles all over the place.
Maybe they're extra nipples.
Like I said - two pieces of transparent red vinyl to cover yella and white (except for the reverse light corner) and they will look ok. And the nipples will not show as much.
But you'd still be paying a few hundred bucks to get uglier taillights.
Some company just needs to make an LED version of our current lights and I'd be the first buyer.
Maybe the ears in the wall will hear you
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Not my style, but I'm sure there will be people who will buy them.
i bet i sell more than a few sets of those. i mean, not that i condone such an addition to the tC, but i wont talk money out of my pocket. by all means, buy them from me.
Frankly, Those look like ****
what was that guy smokin when he made those. He was probably trippin on shrooms or somethin..... god that is so dissapointing
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When Toyota was doing their forcasting and asked me about the early response to these TYC's, I told them that it was luke warm at best and that I wouldn't overstock them. Since then, we've gotten them in and they are selling quickly. The good news is that they look better in person than they do in the pics. That's not an endorsement, just an observation. I would like to see some more real life pix and especially nighttime ones if anybody has some.

As long as they ask for your responses, tell them I want an LED version the lights we have now. Same bat layout. Same bat colors.
I rather keep the stock tail lights, and add smoke tint to em. Knowing that the xA and xB had nice LED taillights, I couldn't wait to see what they came up with of the TC. Now that i see em, I'm thinking gezz man why bother.
i saw them the other day when i went to the dealership to get my car serviced....they looked ok on the light colored tc....dose anybody know what they look like on the dark the iip
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