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Two Batteries in the Tc

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I was wondering...I was going to put two batteries in my Tc, one just for the car, and one in the back (a yellow top) for the sound system. My buddy says he can hook it up so the battery in the back will get a little bit of juice from the stock battery, and he says that's all I need. But I want to ask everyone I still have to upgrade the alternator? Can you hook up one battery to another like that? Please let me know...I know I need something cuz I have a lot of power going into the system. I have two 12's with 800 RMS a piece, and then I want to replace the stock speakers in the scion, and I might even want to add 2 10's as well. Please let me know. THanks
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This only makes sense if you plan to listen to your system with the engine off. Under normal circumstances it's not needed and can actually reduce the available voltage to the amps. If your charging system is not up to the task of supplying your system, adding extra stuff for it to keep charged (additional load) is not the way to go. All energy to move a speaker ultimately comes from the alternator.
What he said...
Hey, thanks for the help...does anyone know where I can get an upgraded alternator for the scion at? I need something strong...please let me know...thanks
Ohio Generator is among the best in the biz. 330-875-6677.
Thanks for the info, I was thinking of backup battery too
I guess I have an answer now.

BTW, JLTD, I like your avatar
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