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I tried the search function with this but was unsuccessful. I have a friend buying an 06 tC (she likes mine a lot) and I wanted to know if all the TSB's for the 05's were fixed for the new year models. I know about the sunroof and hatch rattles, which are both present in my 05 tC right now and will be getting fixed in about a month or so, as well as other various rattles hopefully. I also have the cold start 1st to 2nd gear transmission grind, but all the dealer did with that was put synthetic in the tranny. I just wanted to know if they were the same for 06's, as well as any other TSB's existing. Any links or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I know that the rattling anoyance is gone in my 06 thats all, but other 05 owners did not have rattles but my 06 has no rattles at all, no TSBs that I know of
i was told when i bought my tc back in december that all the tsb's (at the time) had been fixed at the factory before it shipped
correct. TSB's are for cars already delivered that need the corrections made at the dealer level. those same corrections are made to the production line.
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