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TSB listing from Alldata

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Hey all...I just went out to alldata and found the following listing for TSBs. Anyone got any additional information on them?

TC002R-03 DEC 04 Engine/Transmission Controls - ECM Memory Reset
AC009-04 DEC 04 A/C - Sensor Inspection Procedures
BO022-04 DEC 04 Restraint Systems - Seat Belt Extension Availability
AC008-04 NOV 04 A/C - Slow to Cool Down
TC007-04 OCT 04 M/T - Shift Lever Feels Loose or Rattles
NV010R-04 OCT 04 Body - Moonroof Creak/Snap Noise On Rough Roads
AX007-04 SEP 04 Audio System - Subwoofer Pop/Thump Noise
EG035-04 AUG 04 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0031/P2238
PD010-04 MAY 04 Body - Back Door Initialization Procedure
PD009-04 MAY 04 Body - Moon Roof Initialization Procedure
PD008-04 MAY 04 Body - Power Window Initialization Procedure
PD007-04 MAY 04 Tire Monitor System - Initialization
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nice to know... but dont go to your dealer asking them to perform a TSB... just tell them your problem, and let them do the job... other wise they just do the TSB not checking if something else is the cause.. and send you on your way
cool, good to know. Thanks for the usefull post.
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