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For new years me and a bunch of my friends went to Toronto. I live in buffalo its about a 115 mile drive. With my car absolutly packed the way there was nothing special, but the way home was a different story. Radar detectors are prohibited in Canada, but i kept it on. On the way up i saw one cop the whole way, and figured the way home wouldnt be a problem either. I started off cruising at about 90 with a M3. Didnt really get to "race" but at 90ish his acceleration didnt seem to totally outpower me. He turned off the highway and a while later i started with a 04 Accord 6 cyl. We started off just following eachother but through the 50? miles we got to take off a few times and i believe i could have pulled away, i stayed right on his tail and am pretty sure i could have passed. Traffic was to heavy to totally open up and with 5 people in my car, wanted to keep it semi safe. It was alot of fun having a partner to cruise with at that high of a speed. I had a great drive and a Ton of fun. Also got a TON of looks in Canada.
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