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TRD TurboCharger coming out next year!

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Wazzup ya'll...i work at Toyota/Scion dealer and I've been told that next year TRD will release a TurboCharger for the tC and it'll come with the intercooler and everything and the car will make around 300 hp!! Im afraid thats all the info that i got so far but its definitely good news for you tC owners...the turbocharger will cost around 3 grand
....anyways good news huh?
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Hmm... doesn't that whole deal sound a bit off to you?? If the SC is gonna cost 3k and only bring the tC up to 200 HP, why would TRD offer a turbo for only 3K with claims that it will bring the tC up to 300HP?? If they are offering the turbo for that price and at that HP, why would anyone buy a SC?
Because Turbos have lags? Personal preferences, and if you are patient enough. Some folks are wayyy too power hungry and rich/spoiled. S/C supposidely does 250 HP, no one really knows do they?
Dude, you probably got misinformed. 300hp sounds more like stage 3 of the SC, that will, indeed, include an intercooler. More likely than not, TRD will not release a turbo for the tC - it's too much trouble to warranty the damn thing, plus they have been selling SC's all their life and know that they can manage it with average consumer.
turbo's are a lot more efficient than S/C's because they dont run off the belt system for the engine. It is very realistic that a turbo kit making 300hp could be released for the same amount as a S/C kit that makes 200hp because its much easier to make 300HP with a turbo. The problem comes in the fact that turbo's are picky......they are hard to tune and a huge risk to warranty. I think you MIGHT see a TRD turbo-kit but it wont have the same warranty as the TRD S/C kit. Thats my .02. -t
Toyota is known for its reliability. To get 300 horses would take a whole lota boost, making the engine a warrantee risk. If they offer a turbo, and I don't think they will because they already offer a SC, it will probably run at the same boost as the SC (some engineer determined a safe level of boost that could be warranteed with the SC). A twin turbo Supra is 320 horses with a larger engine and 2 turbos.

Could the tC be set up to produce 300? Sure, but most likely a highly modified package, not a warrantee set up from TRD.
an turbo makes twice as much power at the same PSI level as an S/C because it doesnt run off the engine's belts. -T
yeah, that sounds pretty fishy to me also. So far, TRD mostly offers superchargers for toyotas and scions, I don't think they'd suffer the expense of r&d for a turbo kit, especially if it costs the same as the SC. Also an increase of 140 hp will most likely need additional mods to handle that kind of power increase.....It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't mean to challege you, but what is your position at Toyota/Scion, T to the C? Also, who did you hear this from?
TRD and Scion need to put a confirmed date, price, and hp gain for the S/C. All the rumors and guessing is getting old.
Originally posted by Andfx8@Sep 22 2004, 03:23 PM
TRD and Scion need to put a confirmed date, price, and hp gain for the S/C. All the rumors and guessing is getting old.
Agreed. I am in no hurry. If the SC delivers only 40hp for $3K, I'll keep the car stock.

What needs to be researched is the tranny. If it is in a Toyo car with 250hp, one can safely assume it will handle that. If you can't get more than our HP and torque out of the motor, you won't see a turbo in the 300 hp range.

Case in point are the turbo'ed PT Cruisers. The regular output turbo cranks 180hp. The high-output @220. Interesting thing is that both motors are identical to right down to the bolts. For $400, you replace the ECM in the regular turbo, and since it has the same injectors, you end up with closer to 225hp. The ECM, btw, is a Chrysler product.

I don't know about you, but after comparing the tC SC for $3K, the PT Curiser upgrade is certainly a steal!

My $0.02

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