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TRD tC SuperCharger delayed!

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The new release date is projected to be April 2005. That's the news from TRD and that's all the news I have. Sorry, don't shoot the messenger.

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Hehe. Even better. I'll probably have the car paid off by the time they release it in April-May
And then Volta will come out and tC will have to go
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I can't say I'm surprised. Thanks for the info, Ken. zoltiz, isn't it a little early to already be coveting a new car?
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We live once.
Speak for yourself.
but Wolo, you can afford anything!
Originally posted by Tchi@Nov 29 2004, 11:47 AM
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more time to save up
what's a Volta?
Originally posted by Kwiksilver@Nov 29 2004, 06:37 PM
what's a Volta?
Volta is HOTT! And the SC? Why would it take them this long. Last I heard they had a working prototype. I don't understand.
the volta looks like a lamborghini with toyota emblems.

and as for the supercharger, it's either going to be really good and a good build because they are taking so long and getting it right, or it is going to be crap and suck and break and stuff because it obviously has problems and they might not exactly fix them all. i vote for the first alternative, even though i will most likely never buy one.
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