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TRD spring install

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install went flawlessly. simple, and not very time consuming. i just put them in yesterday, and including a couple trips to my boys up the street for the use of their spring compressor since my garage is wothout one, it took about 5 hours. but then, it never is a quick trip up to see them. eric should have the write up and pictures i took in the how-to section pretty soon.

my brother put it into a posted 10MPH corner last night after we finished. under power at 45 MPH. stayed in place, though it did give a hint we were about to cross the line from "i got this corner" to "thats okay, my body shop can fix it". came out of the corner hard and straight. ride is a bit stiffer, though tolerable. i like to feel the road, and now i can just a bit more. and i still dont scrape getting into my driveway. bonus.
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Good to hear man.

I should have you swing by my house and have you test my driveway before I install mine.
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consider it done. just pm me.
Excellent and confidence inspiring - I will consider doing my own springs.
and now my handle starts to make even more sense...

just kidding.

its settled a little more now. lower than when the finished pics were taken. looks even better.

eric : thanks for putting that together for me. you rock a lot harder than i do with all that computer stuff.
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How much did the springs change the camber and alignment?
that remains to be seen as far as from a measurement standpoint. the alignment appears to be still dead on. hands off the wheel it pulls right down the road the way it did before. i will get it up on the rack on saturday here at the shop and dial it in, and i will keep you posted, of course.
Sounds cool! Nice pics too! I'm glad the install went easy. I plan on installing my own spring in the .... spring... here too!
Just installed my springs too!!! took about 6 hours but I popped on new door sills and had a couple beers along the way!!! plus I just used my manual spring compressor (no hydraulics
) nice and easy:) I just followed the service manual instructions and was done in no time, car sits just right on the 18'S although the front may need another 1/2 inch. I'm hoping it will settle a bit more. Camber seems to be minimal if at all, I too will hit the alignment shop this weekend!! Car rides almost the same just a bit stiffer on big bumps otherwise still smooth as glass!!! I love these springs!
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I saw Damon's car today and it looks sick!

Definitely settled a bunch more from his how-to pics. Looks great!
camber is off, but the difference is minimal. there is no real camber adjustment on these unless you get into adjusting bolt position, from what a tech here told me. in fact, for cornering, a slight negative camber can be a good thing. check the toe, for sure. more than likely it is off, and can be adjusted back in. wearing tires more quickly (especially yoko paradas) results in $$$.
oh, this is all from my head, and from the mind of a tech. the rack here will not accomodate my 18's, so i am off to a shop down the street for the toe adjustment.

edit: thanks, wolo. now its your turn.
Hey, provided I clear out all the freelance I've been inundated with (a very good thing, mind you), I might be ready to take you up on the offer next Sunday.
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