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TRD Shocks

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Hey, I'm considering buying the TRD Shocks when I do the springs and swaybar. My question is: do the TRD Shocks come with the uhhhhh spring retainer? know what i mean? the piece that goes on the end of the shock to hold the spring in place, or do you have to use the one on the original shocks?

I was hoping that I could just remove the stockers and have the TRD shocks and springs bolted together and just ready to bolt to the car.

Thanks guys
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that was the plan i was gonna do..I got my TRD struts and they do not have those parts, all it came with was the assembly with the top bolt i gonna go down to the parts department and see what i can get and how much itll run.
Yeah, I may go to the dealer and see if I can get those parts, cuz it would make the install soooooo much faster!!! Lemme know how that goes.
hell yea, no need to compress the stock springs! i PM'd the dealer i got my shocks from and he said approx $170 or so for all those little parts but he'll get me an exact number soon.
Well I hope it's a lot less than 170....thats more than the springs cost! hahah we'll see
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