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TRD Pedals

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I found these pedals on ebay and Im pretty sure they are knock offs but they still looked pretty good. I was wondering what other people thought and how the install would be.
TRD Pedal
TRD Pedal (Black)
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should be an easy installation. why dont you e-mail the seller to ask him about the tC?
definately knockoffs. the same exact pedals are listed that say STi where it says TRD on these. STi is for subaru.
yea they are knock offs but still did look nice, expecially the black ones but for the price i don't think its worth it. 25 + 14 shippin = 39. I think Im going to order the obx pedals instead.
I've been very happy with my OBX pedals. No complaints at all.
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Man those pedals look real thin and cheap and once installed looks like they will look like stick on pedals. I have the OBX pedals installed at the dealership and am very very pleased with their quality, fitment and look from all angles, I would stick with them, my $.02
The OBX pedals take less than 5 minutes to install yourself. Easy as pie.
knock offs... but who cares. i'd get that black ones. very cool.

dood, the obz are way nice. those look like cheep rip offs and it looks like a little drilling might be necessary.

obx just slip over the foot pedals.

way nicer.
I agree.... save your money. You could end up with something you gotta drill and mess around with. Not worth the money in my opinion. I'd go with something made for the tC or just get the OBX ones. Seems to me that everyone who has them likes them!

i just realized that reflections in the windshield of your baby on the sig are still... might wanna blur them too
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i'm not too big on those....I've seen way better pedals from sparco and momo. Also,

Flat Shipping & Handling Rate:
- $ 13.95 (Domestic US 48 states)

WTF, $14?? for shipping two or three pedals? thats bs. Especially since they're ripoffs, which it appears to me, I'd never pay more than $5-$10 for them, and definitely not $40. Just my .02
Originally posted by water@Sep 26 2004, 01:49 AM

i just realized that reflections in the windshield of your baby on the sig are still... might wanna blur them too
ahh details details.... man... tough crowd!
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