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TRD Exhaust Special

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The TRD Exhaust PT400-52840 has been reduced from $485.00 to $388.75 and we are picking up the shipping, which can be substantial depending on where you are.

The 'sale' will definitely be good through December and hopefully longer.

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Ken... you kick too much ass.
That is a hell of a lot cheaper than the 525.00 I paid when I bought my car.

That is like the 50.00 pedal covers at my local Scion dealer, when I can find them all day on the internet for 35-40 bucks. I'm glad I waited to get my 50.00 gift card from scion to buy them.

This is tC Tuesday and this exhaust is part of the special for 24 hours on 12/14.

An extra 5% off for 24 hours brings it down to $369.31 and free shipping too!

Is this happening at all dealers or just your's?
I'm pretty sure this is just a Sparks special.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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