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TRD Emblem for sale

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For pics see:

bought two emblems, decided not to put the one for the back on. Dont remember how much I paid for them but email me with best offers.

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How much do you want?????
Is that a genuine TRD emblem?
12 bucks.
The emblem isn't genuine TRD. We were selling them before. I'll keep my mouth shut about the price. Since this emblem is stop being made it's a rare item now.

So free bump for ya.... Again rare item I would pay extra for
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12 bucks.. hmm.. not bad x)
sorry, been real busy at work

still interested? I paid 20 plus shipping originally

15 plus shipping

or 20 flat

apparently they dont make them anymore. shipping would be from MA
I'll give you $15.37 and you can throw it in an envelope with a stamp.
Sent you an email!
im interested too.. how many you got?
damn..ebay you can get them for under 10. Look there if he has no more.
Those are replicas, not genuine from overseas.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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