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TRD Air Filter & Silencers

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I normally use a Green Filter on my cars (like a K&N, it is washable). Is the TRD washable? Seems awfully pricey if it is not!!

Also, what does one do with the lower "pleated cotton" filter when adding the TRD?

Lastly, does the car have any silencers in the air box? I took two of the three out of a turbo PT I owned and it made quite a difference!

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Yeah, i've been wondering about free mods myself. The car probably hasn't been out long enough for people to start messing around with the air box/intake system. I'm sure things will come around though.... sooner or later...
The K&N filter is quite a bit cheaper and claims a 2 HP increase. I doubt that the TRD would be any better. We were able to up the celica HP by taking out the butterfly valve and cutting out some baffles in the airbox. Does the tD airbox vent to the fender? (I pick mine up Saturday) If it does, you already have a cold air connection.
The tC does pick up air from the fender well, but I would like to "fog" it. When I had a Z3, I made a modification to the air box which allowed a 3" hose to the front bumper next to the fog light. It would ram air in nicely and one could tell the difference.

I just need more time to mess with it.....

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If anyone tries something like ram air, take pics and make a how to!
I have installed the TRD Air Filter, but between trying to go easy on the car, being out of town without it, and it being at the dealer to get options installed, I've driven about 20 miles on it since I got the air filter installed. I'll let you know whether I notice a difference.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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