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TRD 5spoke

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i live in new york, and my scion dealer has this as an option. does anyone know what they look like? any pics?
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Probably these. There are couple of tC that have them. Dealers are trying to push them on everything that has 5x100 bolt pattern because 2-3 years ago when these wheels were introduced for Matrix/Rolla/Celica they did not sell too well - they look nice, but weigh in at about 30lbs for the rim, 52lbs with tire. I bought them at one point, sold them 2 months later. When you can actually feel the weight of the wheel it's not good
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Dang they're that heavy? Geez. They do look good though.
damn those are heavy, i just realized my buddy has that. i wont be gettin them for sure
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yeah, they are pretty heavy wheels, but DAMN SEXY wheels though!! i fall in love with them everyonce in a while..
im sure you can get the same look but with half the weight elsewhere, not at the dealer
yeah, i have sold a couple sets of those on tC's. the looked great on white, and pretty damn good on the black. couldnt get into them on the silver, they just kinda got washed out. but, they are expensive and heavy. then again, so are chrome wheels and people stack them on all sorts of stuff. comes down to what you want / care about. some people are all about looks, and if they look good, they fail to consider other things like weight.
They are great wheels they are made by Team Dynamics. They are heavy but very well built!!
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