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Transmission Oil question

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I want to switch my tranny fluid to synthetic, specifically Synchromesh. I was wondering if anyone know how many quarts the 5 speed takes ( i am thinking between 2 and 3) and what weight is suggested. I looked in my owners manual and if its in there i must have looked over it. Any help please? Also, if anyone car take a pic showing me where the fill hole is, that would be very helpful also. Thanks
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i want to do this too, but i couldn't find the drain, or fill hole so i gave up and called it a day
My manuals are still packed up in a box somewhere. I have the MTL, I bought three quarts, but I'm not sure it's enough.
I'm curious about this aswell. I want to switch to royal purple. I was going to ask the service mechanics today but I didnt have enough time. I am also going with the same for engine oil. In louisiana right now the temps range bwtween 75 at night and 95 during the day. Should I be running 10w30 at these temps?
I would. If you run synthetic, 10w-30 doesn't need viscosity modifiers, so the oil maintains it's viscosity much better than running 5w-30 which does require VI modifiers.
I use syntetics in my GTI because VW reccommends due to high temperatures caused by the turbo (coking can be a problem)and Castrol is the only manufacturer that makes it in 5w40 that VW reccomends. In ordinary climate and operating conditions mineral oil and synthetic work about the same. In the climate you're in and depending on how much stop and go driving you do a step up to synthetics might be worthwhile. Be aware you paying substantially more and may not derive much benefit. The oil manufacturers claim longer periods between oil changes but I'm not aware of any manufacturers that accept the extended oil change intervals unless synthetics are specified by the manufacturer. I know BMW does this. As far as weight goes the lower number is the cold temperature viscosity of the oil. Not really important in the warm climate you drive in. Your Owners manual should have a temperature/oil viscosity chart in it. You can't go wrong doing what the manufacturer reccomends.
So no one knows the toyota-specified weight of the tranny oil?
75w-90 GL-5. You're better off with Red Line MTL IME. It's made for transaxles. Gear oils aren't necessarily designed to work well with synchros. Make sure the oil you get specifies transaxle applications.
Cool.. thanks Lo Bux!
I was planning on running a mixture of normal 75W90 Oil along with a Quart of GM Syncromesh. I hear from a lot of subaru owners it's a really good combination, if I hear otherwise or that running straight syncromesh is better i'll switch to straight syncromesh

Good for what? Shifting?

I'm very skeptical of mixing lubricants when there are so many good inexpensive choices designed to work with transaxles.

I can assure you, using an oil that does not meet the manufacturer's specification does most certainly void any warranty on your gearbox. I have been told that repeatedly by Toyota and Getrag. Mixing oils means you are on your own if you have a failure.
I second Lance recommendation, MTL is the sheat:) I ran the heck out of my Turbo Matrix with LSD and race tires and it never faltered, still works perfectly fine in my daughters ownership now, that is something to remember, how hard I abused it;)


P.S, I have 3 qtrs waiting for the LSD, 6 puc clucth, flywheel install we will be doing soon:)

I think it takes 2.9 qtrs if I remember correctly,
I still don't know where to put the oil in. I see two bolts on top of the transmission that look like they could be the oil in, but they dont really look like one, and I dont trust my mechanic skills to find out.
Yeah... i gotta find the fill and drain holes.
i see a plug that looks like its hooked up to the tranny that says something along the lines of "consult manual before draining"
Just did changed my tranny oil, easiest thing ever, yes the fill bolt is the one that has the sticker and the drain bolt is the lower one that looks the same but no sticker. I would like to highly recommend Redline MT-90 and I added a little bit of Pennzoil Syncromesh, wow great stuff I no longer get a sticky 2nd or or 3rd gear and my 2nd gear doesn't grind anymore while cold, just turn it on and go.
i would advise against mixing differnt lubricants as well.
I just added a little bit of the Syncromesh, about 1/2 quart, not sure if it was the MT-90 or the Syncromesh which cured my tranny problems, it's great at the moment, buttery smooth and no grinds when it's cold
could you take pictures? im incredibly dumb

hey lance, any one... this mean anything to you? i found this on scion life, but it makes no sense to me.
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