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Trading out the TC

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OK so I have been reading on the forum alot lately and I have decided that I definitely want a Manual transmission. I currently have an automagic but I miss the stick so much it is driving me crazy!

I wanted to know how hard it would be to trade out the TC for a different one that is the same but a different transmission. I currently have 9800 Miles on my TC so how much of a difference would that make?

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depends how good you are with private "car for sale" ads.

If you get $14500 for yours - all you need is $2K on top to get a 5-speed.
man, there are so many factors involved in that. starting with - how much do you owe on it right now? that will determined how upside down you are. as in, negative equity. no matter what, you are going to lose money on the deal. just a matter of how much. if you financed with 0 down, you are looking at a few thousand minimum to get yourself set right. if you put money down, you may not be buried anymore, but you arent going to get your down back, so essentially that money is lost. if you paid cash, you are in the best shape possible as far as trading it in on a new one. you are still going to lose money on the deal, but it wont cost you anything to get out of it. tax and license and doc fees and such are lost as well. take out your stereo, it isnt worth a dime to us as dealers.
bottom line - you need to be very unhappy with your automatic to make it worthwhile financially. thats just the hard truth. now, if you sold it private party, you would make more dollars on it, and you would be closer to the five speed of your dreams.
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Btw, I sold my previous car (SC'd Matrix) just because it was an auto. So I understand the guy perfectly.
Well I owe nothing this car was a gift so that extra 2k or whatever would not be a problem
Then there's nothing stopping you. Nice gift, tho.
I would make sure the gifter doesnt mind though. You might not get anymore. Or stick with the same color and everything is everything.
They'll never notice that the shifter....SUDDENLY MOVES!!
I want to trade mine in 2, but i will probly lose a lot. 2 dealers by now have told me that the GAP insurance covers the difference in the trade in, but i have to call the bank that i took the load from and ask them.
Originally posted by ScionGTR@Apr 13 2005, 03:16 AM
...but i have to call the bank that i took the load from and ask them.
Wow, I'd hate to see your interest rate!
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Originally posted by ScionGTR@Apr 13 2005, 03:16 AM
2 dealers by now have told me that the GAP insurance covers the difference in the trade in.
$10 says it's 100% grade A BS.
There is no way to not lose on trading a car in this quickly. Welcome to business. They never not make their money.
tC are known to go on eBay for around $13-14K, so if you spend some time advertising you can probably sell it without actually losing money (depreciation is not exactly "losing"). Trading it in is a sure way to get your butthole enlarged by a dealer.

If you have a Carmax in the area - go there and get a free appraisal - you will see the lowest you want to go with both sale or trade-in.
1. If anyone's gap insurance covers negative equity at trade-in, I would be extremely surprised.
2. Like everyone else said, you will lose a bunch of money trading in your car this quickly. Since it was a gift, if it doesn't bother you to waste that person's money and/or you get their OK, then go ahead.
Well ok then I am going to talk to the dealer and see what I can do, if I don't like what I hear then I will sell it on my own, then I will be without a TC for a couple of weeks or more since I have to order one.
You will lose everything above sticker-- that's instant depreciation, usually $2k-2.5k. You eat tax/license/fees when you buy a car.

GAP only covers losses when a vehicle is totalled or stolen. That's straight from my wife, who sells it every day.
So pay someone to steal your car....
Good my friend really likes my car maybe he will
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