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Toytoa Yaris - New xA?

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Check this out guys!

Looks like a re-designed xA. And look at all of the TRD options that will be available. And tell me how they have a TRD flywheel available for this car, and NOT OURS?!

Anyway, thought I'd share this find with you guys. Looks sweet!
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This does not replace xA.

It replaces Echo (actually, Echo was always Yaris outside the United States of Yankeeness).

the sedan looks like a rounded corolla to me...
Ah.. sorry guys, never mean to double post.

At any rate, it looks awesome. <3 small compact cars.
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Very interesting, that compartment in front of the steering wheel, and the whole dashboard. The price is certainly right.

I am a bit concerned my tC will be mistaken for a Yaris, and the Yaris is way cool, but not THAT cool!

And what a name. Doesn't have a very good ring to me.
It is the sux0r.
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