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Told my parents that I had gotten a new car. They were happy that I purchased something non-RWD for a change. They are both avid Toyota fans and own 2 Camry's and a Solara between them. My mom was familiar with the car because I showed her the dealership brochure that I brought home when I was comparing vehicles.

My dad was very confused apparently by the offshoot Scion division of Toyota, so my mom wound up just simplifying to "For all practical purposes - it is a Toyota - replacement for the Celica".

So the day I brought it out to show them and I hear my dad on the phone with his buddy saying - "Oh, I gotta go check this thing out... yeah, it's new - it's a TOYOTA CYLON...".

Uh, a little too much Battlestar Galactica maybe?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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