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Too Fast into a wicked curve

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I was driving too fast on a curvy road I'd never driven and went into a 90 degree curve. It was too late to hit the brakes and I couldn't do anything but hope I could get through it. For a split second, I thought I might lose it, but the tC just held on and I made it. I put a rear sway bar on last Monday and I can say without a doubt it is the best money I've spent since I bought the car. If you drive curvy roads, you gotta get one.
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those situations can get scary quick! i bet your adrenaline was pumping like crazy (even for an old guy hahahah) just playing though, glad you made it out safely and the tC came through in the clutch! - t
I was just having fun going through the curves and then...wham...I was in over my head. Important thing is that the car performed great in a tricky situation.
Man, that is scary. Good thing you're an experienced driver! Also glad to hear the tC can make up for its portlyness =o)
Man, all I did today was go 105 in moderate traffic on I-85.
Boy, was it fun, by the way.
At any rate, glad to hear you're okay.
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Dang, you almost got me scared there that something happened. Good thing the car held up. With ABS it's almost safe to use brakes, you just have to remember the traction circle thing (more brakes - less steering and vice versa) - if anyone is interested in theoretical approach to handling curves I can elaborate on this
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sloooooow down =), my friend i think went too fast into a turn in his 2.5rs subbie and the car was totalled >.<, yall need to be careful when driving . zoltiz , i would like you to elaborate on what to do in these kind of situations, adding brake etc etc =) *its good to know what to do in emergencies
hahah my version of taking that turn... havent done this yet to the TC but in due time.. o yes btw i used to autocross with my last car
if its a ff drive car and you can see the turn coming, dont take it wide like most people would do... take it in tight as possible initate your e brake just enough to get the rear tires to knock loose, down shift to keep your rpms high enough while banking the turn. turn the steering wheel to guide you into the turn as hard as possible and when exiting the turn countersteer the car to grab traction as quicly as possible and your good to go!
might not wanna try this if affraid of getting a couple dents and scratchs on the car hehe but practice makes perfect and helps in situations like oldster had. o yhea prepare to invest alot into tires i was going threw a set in 3 weeks
it hurts the wallet.
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