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Today's interior Mod's

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hey dudes, I wanted to do some mods that aren't permanent buthey dudes, I wanted to do some mods that aren't permanent but didn’t look like crap either. I ordered some blue leds from, thank you very much, and put them in my middle vents. I removed the cigarette lighter, the one from the dash and replaced it with a 35mm film canister for toothpicks. Still wanting to be able to use that lighter for various 12 volt stuff, I moved it under the cup holders and connected a 4 outlet one that’s under my drivers seat. Then I put a mini fridge (it’s really mini) in my trunk in one of those foam compartments. I kinda wanna add a cigar humidor in there, but I think that’s a little much. This is my first time modding the tC and it was good fun. If anyone wants pics, I’ll take some and post.
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I'm kinda curious about that mini-fridge...
it holds about 10 cans of pop and I have it running off a cigarette lighter right now, I'll try to post some pics soon.
toothpicks, mini fridge, and a humidor. you're my hero
but doesnt the fridge turn off when u turn off ur car???...cuz thats too bad it would be real nice to get back to ur car on a hot day and have an ice cold "POP"(coke) sitting there. but i guess it would run out ur battery. someone needs to mod one up so it stays on.
The fridge does turn off when the car goes off. I thought about wiring it so it's always on, realzied I didn't know how and then figured I wouldn't want to cause I know I'd forget about it and would be calling AAA twice a week. Besides, it's more for road trips or short trips to the gym.
can u post a pic, kinda curious on how it lookss
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there is the toothpick holder for the curious

and then the mini-fridge

it's really small, but does the trick.
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forgot to say that I'm gonna either cut a hole in the current trunk floor cover ( don't think I'm gonna do, but it's an option) or make one out of plywood cause I'll be attaching a amp or something soon. Then I'll need paint the cover or something or another, have a few thoughts in my head..........
LOL. NICE! jealous
only took me 3 months, but a few days ago my lovely girlfriend and I cut out a replacement cover from MDF and covered it with some heavy felt type material. It isn't the same exact colour, but I think it came out pretty darn good. Now I can fit my guitar in without trouble. I also replaced the toothpick holder from a 35mm film can to a small piece of pvc pipe painted black. The cigar humidore is still up in the air. Here are the pics:

let me know what you think
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Although I'd recommend a second power source...
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lol its not that mini...looks kinda big to me
I like toothpicks and the fridge holds about 10 cans of pop and fits into the foam in the trunk without any mods.
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