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Tirerack discount on group buy

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I have been looking to buy some snow tires and steel wheels for the tc.. Went to the tirerack site and found them to have the best price. I sent an email asking if fitement guarantee and this is the response I got.

" Yes sir, that should be a guaranteed fitment. The Tire Rack test fits every package so if you enter the year make and model under the winter section then everything else that you see is a guaranteed fitment. "

I then noticed that a few of us are looking to get the snows on the tc. I then asked about a discounted price for the group buy. This is what I got as a response..

"The discount would be mostly on the shipping and be determined by the
amount of the order. If it's a couple of wheel and tire packages the
total break in the price would only be about $30 or so. If by group buy
you mean a larger order for 5 or more people than I might be able to get
a better break on the shipping and price of the products, depending on
what was being ordered."

Anyone interested. I want to get my snows soon. Looking at the

15s, michelin x ice 195/60/15 with steel wheels.. or my use the Bridgestone Blizzak... But I find the Michelin to give a smoother ride.

They have 15, 16, and 17inch snow packages. But I would go with the 15 or 16.. The 17 will give you the sled effect.
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I was thinking of getting the 16" Steel rims with the Blizzak's. I believe at least a couple other people here were thinking about it too...
I'm going to purchase mine very soon and would definitely be down on saving some money... Let me know what comes of this.
Great this makes three of us... He stated five or more would get us even a better discount. As we stand we get approximately 30.00.. Lets see if we can get it lower. I will ask at the end of the week on the three so far and see.
Still looking for more peeps to join in so we can get a better deal. I want to order before the snow gets here... five or more gives us a better deal.
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So three people doesn't give us any deal? I would like to order my set by the end of October at the latest...
That's about when I'm lookin to order too
I have 1 possible from my team
Awesome... get them hooked so we can do this!
Guys, im in. I was going to buy a junker, but i dont think i will be doing that anymore, what is the price on this package??????? without the break. And are any of you guys lowered? i want to bring mine back up as much as possible with some bigger tires hopefully, i dont know how that would work though.
I think it was about $600-650'ish depending on whether or not you got the wheel covers. This is for the Blizzaks on 16" Steel rims.
The discount was like 30.00 buck for two to three buyers .. He stated five or more would get us a better discount. I too am looking to buy around the same time. I may go with 15s.. More meat on the tires. 195/60/15.. You purchase what you want and get the discount on the value of your purchase. Go to the site select the wheel and tire package you want and I will present it and see what the discount will be.

That's including shipping
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I am going with that exact same package minus the wheel covers. I'm going with the bling factor of the black steelies.
(I'm really just too cheap to spend the $30 on them!)
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Ok so how many are going with the Krdshrks wheel and tire set. I want to email and get a price. I will go with the 15s with the 195/6015 Michelin X ICE.. smooth ride.

Pick your set and let me know I will pass it on and get the price.
So is this group buy going to happen or not? With the weather getting colder, I'm ready to buy my set. I'll wait a couple of days to see if people are still interested and then order them if not.
Iam still interested, would like to order iwthin the next week too!!! whos running this! I want the 16 inch perfered packaget with the blizzak's, ??!!!
I'm out.... got all-seasons instead.
Well the 16 inch blizzaks have it

Looks like three buyers is all we have.

I will send the email tonight and get a price.

tires are 195/55/16 with steel wheels and no hub caps.
That's perfect - it's the exact set I'm looking for. Just let me know what to do about payment.
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