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Tire pressure light wont stay off.

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Ok, bear with me.. I have 18 inch wheels with 215/40/18's. 3 of my tires are Hankook Ventus, one is a Falken Ziex. Ive had the falken on the front passenger, and the other three were the Hankook. Recently i realized that the Ziex was wearing faster than the other front tire, so i moved it to the rear passenger and moved that one to the front. Re adjusted my tire pressure and the light came on, tried the reccomended tire pressure, light came on, Tried 32 all around, light came on. I have tried putting more pressure in the falken, less pressure in the falken, light still comes on after some turns, usually lasts alot long without the light on the highway, driving strait. I did not rotate the driver tires, didnt think that would have anything to do with the light comming on, but i dont even know what would be causing this. The max inflation for the Hankook is 52 , and the Ziex is 42 i believe. Anyone know why this light might keep comming on??? The tires arent leaking, every time i check them the pressure is correct. I had lowering springs put on months ago but the light has only acted up when i rotated that tire..... Never got an allignment, could that be needed??? Thanks for the help!
- Greg
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did you try resetting the sensor by pushing that little button inside of the glove compartment?
Why are you running one Falken? Why are you mixing brands on the same axle? Why are you mixing brands on the car? You are basically screwed now. Any new tire to replace the Falken will be bigger and set off the light. Leaving them the way they are is setting off the light. You'll need to replace at least two tires to solve this problem. And if they aren't the same brand, don't put them on the same axle.
Really, i bought the wheels used, good price, and didnt know about i kinda got screwed i guess, when i had it on the front for months, i never had a there is nothing i can really do pressure wise to adjust for the difference in size?
Tolerate the light, play with the pressure, get weird wear patterns on the one odd wheel. Have handling and control issues because on tire is different from the rest. I dunno, it doesn't sound like a good deal to me. The way I drive, I can't afford to mix tires. Too many unpredictable issues.
Really, ill look into a pair of new tires, thanks alot lance.
I agree completely, I would never run different tires like that. It is ok to run snow tires up front and all seasons, etc, in the rear for many people but I do no like to even do that, I would run snows all the way around if I ran them at all.

I grew up learning to drive in the snow and am quite good at it and at higher speeds than most care to drive on dry pavement and I have only had one set of snow tires in my life, I used them for winter rallies only back in the 70's.

Originally posted by hamster@Oct 10 2005, 11:37 PM
did you try resetting the sensor by pushing that little button inside of the glove compartment?
thanx, i forgot all about that hidden reset switch and i was going nutz not being able to turn that warning light off...
I had this same problem after getting my tC serviced for the first time and apparently they didn't initalize the tire pressure system correctly or not at all. It drove me crazy because I would press my reset switch to turn off the light only to have it come back on a few days later, even after I checked and made sure my tires were at the correct psi.

Finally after weeks of going through this torture I decided to read manual over again and guess what I found. On page 110 there's instructions on how to initalize the tire pressure system.

1.Park the car, shut thee engine off.
2.Check tires for correct pressure.
3.Turn the ignition to the ON position. If the low tire light comes on press and hold the reset button until the light goes off.
4.Press and hold the low tire reset button until you see the light blink 3 times.

After that you need to drive the car over 30mph for an hour for the initalization to be completed.

Now the manual doesn't explain if you have to drive for a full hour. Personally I did this and drove from work which is about 25 to 30 min drive and it's worked for the past 4 months.
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