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Okay, I've done a seach and cant seem to locate where I read about the stock tc tinting percentages. I'm looking to tint my tC this weekend and want to know what the %s are without any aftermarket tinting. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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isn't all tinting aftermarket???
Originally posted by hamster@Jun 29 2005, 07:45 PM
isn't all tinting aftermarket???
The glass on the roof is factory tinted but I don't know what percentage. Plus, many SUVs and vans come with their side and rear windows factory tinted.
Its 7% I believe, on the windows.

I saw it in this thread.
7% or 93%, depending on wat ur talking about
^^ your trying to confuse me now. Explain please.
lol, ok pinky.

what i mean is you can have 93%VLT. this means that this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. Basically, with 93%VLT, 93% of light can pass through.

When talking about 7%, it is mostly VLR. this means the amount of light reflected. when 7%VLR, its goes along with the above, saying since 7% is absorbes, the rest <93%> is transmitted.

did that make sense?
O I C! So anyone know the % on the sunroof (stock).
Okay, found some info after doing a google search.

- The sunroof tint blocks roughly 75 percent of actual light. It also blocks roughly 97 percent of harmful UV rays. (Same glass and tint used in Lexus RX 330)

- The windshield has a green tint surface that blocks 100 percent of UV rays. The front door & back hatch glass provides a 90% UV-cut. the rear door & quarter window glass provide an 85% UV-cut.

So from this info Im guessing its 25% on the sunroof. Now the other windows I dont quite understand the whole UV cut, does this mean it 90% tint. I'm confused, I understood the explaination given earlier but now I dont get it. Help, anyone!
UV protection is just that, what % of light rays in the UV Bandwidth are cut out or blocked or reflected. Think sunglasses and their UVA/UVB ratings. Tint VLA/VLT ratings are for light in the visible spectrum. They are different than the UV ratings. Not sure what % the hatch and rear quarter windows are, but Id guess the quarters are the same % as the side windows, and the hatch near the same % as the roof.
Okay I'm still shopping around and found that even though the legal limit is 25%. All the places I"ve been to only have 35%. Why is that?

Another question Anyone have any advice on 3M vs Llumar?
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