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Time For Wheels

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i need your input. which one do you think would look best on the tC. also, the first one i have listed, i believe, damon, you have that on you car. if you can tell me if thats the same thing, or give me the site where the real one is. thanks. well, choose the best.

G-Racing, Gloss Black

G-Racing, Hyper Black




I wish i can get some TwEEls!!

Please help me choose. they all come in 18'' and 5x100. thanks.
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what the heck are tweels, never seen that before, I am not to much on chrome but the zinik look pretty good

edit: just read all about them its an interesting concept
I like the last G-racing right above the Tweels.
g-racing gloss black
look sick
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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