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This will be fun

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okay so i know we all have done it... good or bad we have given the letters "tC" something to stand for...

so lets hear it, give us some acronyms that u have used or heard for the tC...

and if this is necessary, which i hope it is not, an acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a multiword name....i.e. tC= totally cool, or throwin copper as i saw somewhere on this post....
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Oh oh heres one...Totally Cool!
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I just figured it was theCoupe since it was the coupe of the Scion family.
I just call my tC beast. Cuss when I got her I said what a beast and it just stuck.
According to the salesperon who sold it to me, it stands for Toyota Celica, which is to be discontinued after the '05 model. But to me, it still is Totally Cool.
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I had heard it was Touring Coupe. Sounded good to me.
Maybe "tail Chaser"? You know, since the ladies love 'em.
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Do I have issues driving a car that's possesed of a name looking more like a typographical error than an actual moniker? Not in the least bit;-) I think they wanted to call it "xC" (xA, xB,...), but Volvo has a crossover SUVish type thing that's called the XC90. What a coincidence that both Volvos and tCs share that rockin' stub nose styling, though, huh? It WILL be the only sporty coupe that Toyota will produce after they axe the 7th gen. Celica this year:-(, but I don't think it's meant to be the sole replacement. A little birdie tells me that the idea's being kicked around of bringing the Supra back in full form...although Toyota's mighty secretive about the whole affair. It's terrible how tight-lipped they are, and this is coming from me, a military guy who's used to not knowing anything and being told to just shut up and color...The "t" makes sense, though, because it's a Toyota offshoot.


Scion (n.) - From Fr. "cion" or "sion"
1. a descendant or heir
2. a detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant
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Originally posted by darkhorse18@Mar 8 2005, 12:44 PM
... a military guy who's used to not knowing anything and being told to just shut up and color....
shut up and color. lol

i remember those days.
"Squee!" since that's the sound I always make whenever I see one in person or in pictures.
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As for an actual nickname for my car, it won't have anything to do with the tC, and won't be assigned until I've had the car for awhile. The last car I had a name for was my black del Sol, which I named Webster.
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I'm not even going to ask why.....
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time Crunch. Didn't they put this car together in record time?
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