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This Site is GREAT!

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I just have to commend everyone on this site. I am not currently a Scion owner but have one on the way. Who needs kids? lol. Anyways, i was looking at the TC, RSX, and Cobalt. This site has easily made my decision for me. I have learned so much and fallen so in love with this car. I got a BSP 5spd, with gfx, 18" wheels, spoiler, and trd exhaust. I am so excited to receive it. THX for all the info guys. I will post pics as soon as i get my new TC.

PS: how long have some of you waited for your car?!
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Best bet is to use the search function as that question has been asked and answered a number of times.

All that aside, congrats on your decision and welcome to the site!
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I waited about two weeks for mine
Congrats, good choice

I waited for little over two weeks back in AUG.
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Welcome to the site! Nice to hear that we could be of some help. Your car is going to be tricked out with those options.

I waited almost 8 weeks
But as you will soon see, it's all worth it.
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no wait here but hey congrats on your new tC!
Good choice! I'm sure you will love your new tC!
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congrats x 2 .... i waited about 3 weeks
nice.. I walked into the dealership and drove out with my tC. no waiting.
a few days here. Congrats from one noob to another!
Month and a half, worst month and a half of my life.
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Good choice! You'll love it, more and more everyday. I didn't wait either though, walked into the dealership on july 12th 2004 looking for a celica, went home with the tC. Guess I got lucky =o)
mine was the first flint mica delivered back in june 04. but i suppose i had been waiting about 3 months at that point.

enjoy it, and welcome to the site.
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