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Thinking of the 18th

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Any takers?

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My calendar is clear for now.
Too far of a drive for me
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Go hang out with your own people for a change, yeesh!
Why would I want to go and do that???
Dan, I'll come by. Will probably bring my laptop with me and show the battle scars.
Marty said he'd come for a little while as well.
I'll also try to make my buddy from Knoxville to come - he bought a tC last weekend.

So usual time - 1pm?
One is good for me.
1 to 1:30 sounds like the plan!


I'll be there.
W00t! The return of the Marty!
So how'd the party go?
I killed them all then escaped back to Tennessee.
I think you should go hide in that semi-completed cabin we saw...they'd never think to look for you there.
Borrow some of those killing devices....
Be safe forever.
What about the black panther, though?
I thought that was seen near the vacinity of the you should be safe.
All the woods are it's territory. Nobody is safe from THE black panther.
Fun was had by all. Then, Andrew and Chris were dragged around the mall for about six hours by Chris's wife and her sister, while Jake and I watched TV and learned about badgers. Seriously.
Seriously, we learned about badgers and they can dig!!!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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