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These rims or stock?

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Hey guys I have these rims on my beetle right nowthey are 17", but I just bought a tc and was wondering if u thought these would look better than the stock rims? I have a silver tc, and the rims are hyper black! the rims in the pick are black i think. Please help!
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Throw 2 of 'em on there and see what you think.
Those rims look HOT! You should put them on.

How much do they weigh? If weight is an issue for you, the stock rims weight about 24lbs
Those wheels would look nice on a tC.
Im not sure how much they weigh, but even if there is a difference in the weight from the stock i imagine that it couldnt be that much. I think ill throw two of em on and see how it looks! I was also wondering if any of u had to order your TC because they were sold out, and how long it took the dealer to get it?!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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