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I have only been waiting for about a week, and every time i think about my new car i get anxious and in a bad mood cuz i dont have it yet, or any car to drive seeing that mine wont really move............. HOW MUCH LONGER??????
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Waiting since June 29th. The first three weeks were not that bad because I was on vacation for two of them. They went by fairly quickly because I was not expecting the tC till this week anyways. But my tC arrived at port Monday and should be ready later this week. But this week is going by so painfully slow!! Work has been slow and I have spent most of my time on tC forums! I am stalking this car. I know everything about it. I am feel like I am reduced to counting the seconds till the car will get here! These past five days feel like 10 years. I already have 50,000 miles on this car in my mind. And I sold my old car so I am bound by what cars I can barrow and rides I can get!
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1 - 1 of 77 Posts
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