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I have only been waiting for about a week, and every time i think about my new car i get anxious and in a bad mood cuz i dont have it yet, or any car to drive seeing that mine wont really move............. HOW MUCH LONGER??????
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The dealer's allotment really depend on the amount of Scions they sell.... so since Longo Scion is the largest dealer in the nation... they would get the biggest allotment.

Since Scion's really just hit the east coast, most of the dealers would not have enough pull with Scion to get more than 2-3 cars at a time.
The TRD springs should only cost $199 at the dealer plus another $99 for the installation. Thats the price I paid...
What's the dealer's excuse on that??? I mean... you are paying interest on your trd exhaust already right??
1 - 4 of 77 Posts
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