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I have only been waiting for about a week, and every time i think about my new car i get anxious and in a bad mood cuz i dont have it yet, or any car to drive seeing that mine wont really move............. HOW MUCH LONGER??????
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ugh! waiting suX!!!! 6-8 weeks¿?!! doh!! Anyway...I'm new here...just wanted to say hey!
Hiya Jenn..and thanX!
Yup...ordered my Flint Mica tC on July 10th!! Got the extended warranty.... 6yr/100,000miles. Can't wait!!!!
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ugh! SuX 2 be me! I ordered my tC on the 10th....called the dealer today and he says the allocation isn't until Monday (I thought it was going to be around the 17th)....ugh! I didn't know this!! BummR!!! Oh well.
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Shep....I live in Southern Indiana....and I still have a 6-8 week wait.
Still waiting!
Still said 2-3 more weeks!! ugh!!!
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