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I have only been waiting for about a week, and every time i think about my new car i get anxious and in a bad mood cuz i dont have it yet, or any car to drive seeing that mine wont really move............. HOW MUCH LONGER??????
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Just set up a tent next to the car you think is yours.
yikes...I think most here (northern california) are getting 15 or so a month. And I STILL have to wait 3 weeks to get one.
Are you getting hte lowering springs? If so, how much are they charging you for that? My dealer told me it was $680 to have the TRD lowering springs installed. That seems like a bit much considering the springs are only $170 off partznet
Originally posted by imasaf@Jul 22 2004, 09:34 PM
The TRD springs should only cost $199 at the dealer plus another $99 for the installation. Thats the price I paid...
$300 is what I was expecting. When he told me it would be $700 for the springs I was like, "uh...yeah....."
1 - 4 of 77 Posts
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