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The tint on this scion looks good!

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Wow. Seven threads.

That's got to be a record.
I was trying to put a picture in the topic. I hate putting links on the board. Do you know how I can do this?
How do you do that? As you can see, I have tried many times.
You just had to read the pinned topic in this section.
whats the big deal about the tint?? i don't get it
i like the way you move, mori.
Originally posted by Plissken@Oct 18 2005, 05:45 PM
i like the way you move, mori.
that's right. you know how i roll.
i got a question about tints, do you need a garage for it due to the weather situations that might bubble-up the tint? cuz we dont have a garage, its full of junk. my dad tinted our minivan and that sh*t turned out like crap! i dont want that look on my car! btw i live in socal
no offence but, i think the problem was lack of professional installation.

tint is on the inside of the window so, you shouldn't have problems with the weather. it may just take a little longer to dry.

in so-cal. you should have no worries.
what about in places farther north (like cleveland for instance
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ohh damm thanks guys. i know its a film thats inside, its just the weather im worried about. how much did you guys got your tints for?
$180 including entire windshield from a pro
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