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I was wondering if Bazooka (SAS) actually made the enclosure on the TC so I sent an email to tech support. This gentleman responded in 2 kudos to those folks for the great service. Its good to get information you! I was basicly asking about build quality and here's the response:

"Hopefully I can clear some of the questions about the TC V.S.E. for you.

I am the lead liason with Toyota, and was very involved in developing the TC
enclosure product.

It is indeed designed and built by us. It is different than our tube
product--in it's shape--but has the same port tuning frequency as our Legendary
Bass Tubes. It also uses the same subwoofer that our EL10AHP or BTA10100 uses,
and the same amplifiers. The only real difference is the enclosure shape.
Again, they share similar parts, and were tuned by the same ears and computers.

The shape was dictated by the rear of the TC--therefore, I can't really give you
dimensions on it, since it's not a regular shape.

Our Bass Tubes are made from extruded PVC here in Baton Rouge, LA. The TC
enclosure is built from fiberglass, hand molded in China. Fiberglass and PVC
are similar in their resistance to water, and weight to density, but very
different in other ways.

The irregular shape of the TC enclosure, and the speed of the development
process in order to meet the TC launch is why it's built of fiberglass.

There is no appreciable difference in sound quality of the two--if an enclosure
is rigid enough, it's rigid enough.

I can answer any other questions you'd like, just shoot me an email, or call me
at the number below.


I then asked about some other stuff.....mostly mounting issues etc....he responded again:

"Maximum mounting depth is probably on the order of 7 inches or so... Not a
problem for any 10 inch that I know of.

As for the amp internal, it is a Bazooka amplifier, but it's a chip amplifier,
since all they give us to work with is 7 amps of current.

You can certainly change the woofer and amp, but that's going to be an expensive
proposition--Toyota does not sell the thing without woofer and amplifier, so
you'll be buying a lot of stuff just to trash it.

The woofer that comes with it is good to about 250 watts, as long as you're not
boosting any frequencies below about 39 Hz, since that's the tuning frequency.

As far as how hard it can hit, in it's stock iteration, it won't shatter
windshields, but it does boom a bit. Again, all they gave us to work with is 7
amps of current, so the power output was limited.

And, BTW, our Bass Tube Enclosures still use paper cones, as does the TC
enclosure. We still believe in paper for lower power applications, our
component woofers are subjected to MUCH higher power levels, and are not
expected to be such an audiophile grade sound, so Poly is used on them."

so all in all...some good info for those of us who are considering the stock sub (at least the enclosure )
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