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The results of my dealership trip...

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Well once again I'm amazed at how incompetent a dealer can be. I wasted three hours of my life at that place, for nothing. I took the test drive with the tech, he aknolwedged the sunroof noise but wouldnt even show me a bumpy road in the area to take him on to let the real demons of the hatch (rattles) out of the cage!.

After 3 hours, I got my car back......supposedly they performed the TSB on the sunroof (riiiiiiight) what a joke. As soon as I got into my car the thing popped, and then it popped as i pulled out of the dealership....popped and rattled as i drove further away.........then it really started to let lose on my return trip to speak with the service manager about 5 minutes later.

So now I'm stuck with this rattlebox that the dealer has absolutely no clue how to fix, so basically a $20,000 version of a Ford Focus. Sorry that im venting right now, its just that I refuse to vent on the workers because i am a worker and I know how it feels to have a customer get pissed off. So instead I smile and walk away nicely......and come on here to annoy you people
. End of post. -t
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^^^^ hey T, Im taking mine tommorrow to the dealer. Ive got 3 problems.

1. Moonroof and other rattles...

2. Drivers side vent will close by itself... its really annoying on a hot day

3. Transmission. Thats right, it wont shift into 5th or reverse with out significant manipulation. Its like theres a wall at the point between them.

Wish me luck everyone!
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Oh my.... hope this isn't for all tC's. It'll mar it's record.
Sunroof TSB takes 2 minutes to perform and it's bascially applying loctite to a screw...
Originally posted by zoltiz@Oct 21 2004, 11:24 PM
Sunroof TSB takes 2 minutes to perform and it's bascially applying loctite to a screw...
thats what i thought too
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next time you go to the dealer, as your leaving say you know if it isn't fixed and i return, i can consider it a lemon and get anew one.
I wonder if "3 strikes and it's a lemon" rule applies to a sunroof.
Originally posted by zoltiz@Oct 21 2004, 07:48 PM
I wonder if "3 strikes and it's a lemon" rule applies to a sunroof.
why not?

it never hurts to try anything.
I dunno, im not like that I guess. Ill bet money that they have to pull the entire sunroof frame structure out and put a new one in. They obviously cant tigthen the screws that are lose which means that the threads are stripped.....and aluminum is hard to re-thread i think. Dammit. -t
That sucks ass.

Is there another dealership you can take it to that may be slightly more competent?
No Wolo...i tried going to a different dealership a couple weeks ago with horrible results. When I got my car back there was a minor crease in the front driver side quarter panel.....and the bottom of the left side/front ground effects was alllllll scrathed up. Evidently they dropped it from 1/2 - 1 foot off the lift while raising the car but never told me. Ive been waiting patiently for a call back from my dealership about this situtation with the sunroof..........about to lose it in a few days if my $20k dollar car turns out to be a rattle-box like my Mustang i traded in. -t
Damn, man. I can't believe the garbage you're going through.
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Well at least I expected it.......i KNEW i shouldnt have bought a first year production run but i was so anxious to get rid of my Mustang. Stupiddddddddd. -t
Is every car your driving full of rattles and shakes?

Time to upgrade... the camry's dont' have any of the same rattles and pop's that the TC has... I hear mine on occasion but only when its either really cold, & I drive over the huge speedbumps at my apt.
OH, and there are some super deals on The Camry's right now.... like an extra grand off!

kinda wish I would have waited... could have gotten a pretty tight camy for like 21k
camrys are nice but the tC is unique. everyone's got the camry !! i havent had any rattles or anything.. but my tC is pretty new.. only 1500 miles on it so maybe it'll come later..

bu thopefully i wont have any of the problems everyone else is having..

maybe my tC had all those issues fixed when it was built?

sucks u have to go throgh all that crap T
Other than some rattles I had early on, I haven't had any noise problems for about 2,000 miles.
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