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The Price to Upgrade

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Well, after reading alot about this upgrade I see how it can be somewhat expensive, however is the $200+ / wheel labor charge normal? I'm just trying to find out if it's really supposed to cost $800 bux or more just on labor to change out my struts and springs to TRD lowering springs and TRD struts? Are there ways to get any money for the stock springs / struts? Just curious on people's opinion.

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$200/wheel labor is as close to a butt rape as you can get... Let's suppose that it's $75/hour - thus it's 2.7hours/wheel, just tell me what the heck can they do for 2 hours 45 minutes with one stupid strut?

Maybe if it's a dealer they can get away with $400 for the entire job, but even this is too high. DIY
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Yes I agree I even found a site which shows how to do it, after analyzing it. there's NO WAY it should cost that much still.

check it out.
If anyone knows a place which is reputable and has experience AND wont charge nearly $1k to install something not including parts please share your experience. Honetsly I live in NJ and would drive to say VA to save a few hundred bucks.. I mean think about it 5hr drive in your new tC it'd be on stock suspension there and be on upgrades back !
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Originally posted by mykeymagik@Sep 15 2004, 01:14 PM
Yes I agree I even found a site which shows how to do it, after analyzing it. there's NO WAY it should cost that much still.

check it out.
I wish I had this how-to when I was doing my springs

It took us 3 hours to do, and we were not toyota techs and did the springs on a *slanted* driveway in the dark using $10 jackstands and an old electric impact wrench
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^^^ yeah, i meant to do my springs and have the write-up posted quicker, but other installs came before the springs.

mykey : you think you could tackle the job yourself using my write up? it went so smooth, it is very simple. my total cost to drop my car was 200 bucks. saves a good chunk of change, at the very least.
Where abouts to you all live... Dont worry not gonna come driving over there just like that.. but it'd be more interesting to see / pay someone who knows what they're doing.. this is my first car purchase and while I'm learning ALOT.. I dunno about changing them myself.. I want to change both the struts / springs together if possible.

Wish there was a place to get some $$$ for the stock items.. it'd make the upgrade a little more affordable.
You can get the TRD springs & installation for about 300 bucks at Kearny Mesa Scion in San Diego.

The only thing I don't recommend is getting your rear sway bars installed there cause they are doing a lot of "butt rape" as zoltiz call it on that particular item. I donno why...

Anyways if you are going to have multiple things done, it should be cheaper on the labor cause the car is already taken apart for the most part of the installation right?? It should take a techie less time to do the installs... no?
Now, when you installed the springs do you need all wheel alignment or just front? and about how much did that cost (if you got it done)? The dealer wanted $495 for labor only.
Yeah, get 4 wheel alignment (since we have independent rear suspension). I got a 3-year alignment for $120. will probably get it checked out every 6 months or so.
i live in sacramento, and you are free to drive over and bring your parts. happy to do installs for anyone, it is one of my passions. but, since you probably arent in the area, yes, there are less expensive places to go than the dealership. also, having the struts and shocks replaced at the time of the spring install is a great idea, and it makes the install even quicker and easier. you can press the new springs on the shocks and struts prior to even taking the car apart. 2 hours, max.
so if you get the chance, bring it by. i will be happy to help, show you how, or just do it for you.
Man that's tempting.. cross country roadtrip in my new tC
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Yeah mykeymagik, you said it. I don't know if you guys all saw my custom s10 that I did with full air ride suspension....but after that, well, I don't really feel like doing my own stuff anymore cuz it's so much work and I don't have time. But to save $500+ in labor charge I think I can do it just one more time, and that was a great sugestion inevitablegod, I may just save up some cash and get the shocks too cuz I don't plan on lowering untill winter is over, so maybe in february or something depending on weather. That should give me time to save some money for rims too.
lowered cars look soo much nicer but daym you have to be soo much more careful, my car has the ge kit and its pretty low =), waaa ill probalby get the springs too and get my friends to help me install it =) a learning experience
I found out you truly don’t need to replace your struts to have the lowering springs.. Your struts may wear out a little quicker but should still last for a few years or more. I found someone who could do the job for $500 cause it's around 4-5 hrs of work someone told me.

I was also thinking of starting off the job myself (removing the windshield wipers and cover and dissembling the trunk up to being able to view the rear springs / struts assembly.

I'm looking to pay only $400 or less for the labor for this job.. does anything think that's unrealistic??

sorry it's stil early.. I was asking if anyone thought it was unrealistic.. my apologies lol
just to get my TRD springs installed
I really need to find someone locally, who knows what they're doing who could beat that price
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