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This is an effort to clean up the site and create a "one stop shop" for information on the Super Charger.

This is the thread for you;
If you:
want any information on the TRD SuperCharger
want to post pictures of your installation or your engine with the part installed
want to cry that there is no SuperCharger for the automatic tCs
want to post anything or ask anything SuperCharger related.

I will start with a search of all supercharger threads to make things a little easier.

supercharger search

• Fits all Manual Transmission Scion tCs
• Up to 200 horsepower.
• Up to a 25% increase in peak horsepower.
• Up to 13% increase in maximum torque.
• Emission legal.
• Full TRD Warranty

The supercharger TRD designed for the Scion tC is a centrifugal type. The centrifugal design uses a compressor that is similar to a turbocharger except that it is driven directly by the engine instead of by exhaust gas like a turbocharger. It offers smooth power delivery that is very compatible with the tC drivetrain. In addition it allows a compact layout that makes the best use of available space in the tC engine compartment.

The supercharger is belt-driven by the same serpentine belt that drives the other engine accessories. The belt drive is connected to the supercharger by a special enclosed shaft assembly that runs across the front of the engine. In operation the supercharger produces about 7 lbs. of boost, which is fed through the tC throttle body into the existing inlet manifold. A by-pass valve then recalculates excess boost back into the supercharger inlet when the throttle is shut.

An improved air inlet and filter system is included with the supercharger kit to provide the low restriction and increased volume needed by the supercharger while maintaining the evaporative loss capability required to meet emission requirements.

Larger 400cc fuel injectors are included to deliver the extra fuel needed without requiring increased the fuel pressure. No other modifications to the fuel system are required. Premium 91 octane fuel is required.

For maximum power, good drivability, and to maintain emission compliance with supercharger, the original tC Engine Control Unit (ECU) needs to be reprogrammed. To accomplish this, a single-use “reflash” program is included with each supercharger kit. NOTE: A reflash ECU adaptor tool is required to install the reflash program. The required reusable service tool is sold separately. Please see your Scion Dealer or contact TRD directly at 888 551-2929 for details.

The TRD tC Supercharger is warranted for 12-month/12,000 mile or the balance of the new car powertrain 5 year/60,000 warranty, whichever is greater, when installed by a Scion or Toyota Dealer. Installations by anyone other than a Toyota or Scion Dealer are covered by a 12 month 12,000 mile parts replacement only warranty.

The tC Supercharger is an aftermarket accessory and has aftermarket emission certification. Because of that there are some important restrictions you should be aware of shown below.

The tC Spercharger System is to sold/purchased only as a dealer installed or over-the-counter option, after the initial retail sale of the vehicle. The supercharger may not be sold/purchased at the same time as the new vehicle and may not be financed together with the new vehicle.

The TRD tC Supercharger will fit all Scion tCs with Manual Transmission Only. The Supercharger Kit part number is PTR01-21050-90. The ECU adaptor tool required for installation is Toyota Service Tool part number 00602-17620.

More information on why you can only purchase the s/c after the time of purchase. It costs $1,000,000 to certify a car with a s/c and $30,000 to certify a car with a s/c as an aftermarket accessory. That cost would have to be passed onto the consumer in the price of the s/c.

More note worthy threads about the Super Charger
More reasons to get the SC over a turbo, New details...

Z's Sc Thread, pics, dynos, links to vids

TRD SuperCharger IT'S OUT!, Shipping in the next few days.'s SuperCharger page

Please, keep all new questions and comments contained in this thread. Additionally, all new threads that are started covering old information or questions will be closed or merged into this topic.

I do hope this thread makes it easier our members find the information they are looking for.


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I just would like to know how does it FEEL? I've read some topics regarding the TRD SC but I just want to know the feeling of driving the TRD supercharged tC one.

Since it's supercharged, not turbocharged, will it sound different? From my beginner's understanding, the SC will not work with intercooler, blowoff valves, ...., stuffs like that, right? I don't see that they will be included with the TRD supercharged kit. I really love those blowoff valves' sound when it goes with turbocharges, though.

good day,

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They will work with intercoolers and you can have a blow off valve on them but if it would work with this sc i dont know i dont own one. (YET

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thank you for the answer ^-^

I've got one more question but it's nothing to do with the car

I've been searching and trying for the whole night on how to edit the member title, in your case it says "its ok i got this". Could you please let me know otherwise I will have a hard time sleeping tonight

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So...when's this supercharger thing gonna be released?

What smiley best represents sarcasm?

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here are pics from my supercharger install on my tC.

what it looks like torn down -

fuel rail -

s/c in place -

pulley end -

business end -

oil return line -

reflashing -

installed -

thats all i took. a lot of this install happened while i was up in front taking care of my end of business - selling cars. so, more pics would have been good, but at least here are some. enjoy.


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In the torn down pic, the headers almost look like they are plastic - obviously they are not, that would be ridiculous. Why do they look look that?

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Originally posted by gotTC?@Oct 28 2005, 06:39 AM
what happens if a s/c tc gets less than 91 octane gas?
You'll get detonation, which is bad news bears. It's when your fuel explodes in the cylinder before it's supposed to. Not good at all.

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Word of advise...Everybody just make sure that before you bring your car in and have the SC installed that the dealership has the flash tool (they assurred me they did when i called on tuesday to setup the install on thursday)... brought my car in yesterday, everything is finished except for the flash...which they thought was just a downloadable program which of course isn't and makes my car unusable...they had to call TIS (Toyota Information Systems) in MN. to order the part which if you don't order it by 2:30 pm eastern time won't ship until the following day and means it won't be in till Frickin monday!!! So my car sits as the sky is clear and the temp is to reach 65 this weekend.
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